Powder Coat Motor Cycles

Imagine sending your motorcycle parts to a plant that can inexpensively coat the metal surface with a quality enamel that is not only bright but very durable. This is achieved using a polymer powder that is applied to the part and then baked onto the surface. It becomes more smooth as it initially melts and then polymerizes to the hardened enamel state. This process requires very little labor; it saves a ton of time and money. Follow this link to discover more about this Powder coat motor cycles service. 

Is this service right for you? There are a few alternatives, but be aware that this is already a standard process for a variety of automotive and bicycle products. There are more than a few methods to create an attractive and durable exterior for what is essentially a bent steel or cast aluminum surface: It could be coated with chromium or painted by a robotic spray arm. The aluminum surface is naturally durable but might still be covered with a foil or painted.

Powders have the advantage that they are able to cling to a surface and the surplus falls to the ground. This means that roughly the right amount is coated onto the surface and there is rarely any unsightly accumulation of enamel that ruins a smooth surface. Powders are less toxic than paints because there is no solvent, and they last longer. A paint that is dissolved in a solvent binds when the solvent evaporates. In the case of powder, it is baked on and chemically altered by heat.

Any waste is cleaned up quite easily because it is just powder to be swept up. While it is hazardous to breathe plastic dust, it does not penetrate the skin and so is safe to handle. For the manufacturer who is outsourcing a coating operation, this means reduced operating costs. The reduced labor and reduced need for safety means a simpler and cheaper operation. It is neat enough that it saves on multiple levels.

Robotic arm time is also expensive. A powder coat does not have to be applied precisely by a robot but instead clings to a surface either through static or by preparing the surface. The lack of needed precision and quick application process is the reason why turnaround is so quick and why incredibly little labor is needed.

This process is ideal for a single color. It might even work well for two colors applied in blocks. The main drawback is that it does not apply pictures, letters or fine detail. It is more common for the manufacturer to apply a sticker or separate paint job over the enamel. It is difficult to machine print an image using powder application. This process is better for larger color patterns or a single color.

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