Some quick tips to a successful deposition:

First, keep your cool.  Don't get excited or make accusations, and definitely don't say things that you can't

prove. Keep your answers short without volunteering anything you aren't asked for, only answer the questions you are asked.  Remember, this isn't personal, it's about money.

The inevitable settlement conference/offer

If the car manufacturer believes that you have a legitimate lemon law case against them, don't expect them to give you what you are asking for. In fact, don't even expect them to be reasonable in their offer. A settlement conference or offer is made for one purpose only and that is to make this thing go away as cheaply as possible. 

They are only testing the waters to see how much resolve you have, and to see if you are willing to take the sure thing by offering you enough to cover your attorney fees and maybe a thousand or two for your trouble.  They take advantage of more people than you can imagine this way because people get scared of potentially losing in court. You should expect to get one or more offers before going to court. 

They are also hoping that your attorney won't be confident enough with his/her litigation abilities to go to court against their lawyers and will advise you to take the money and run. It is very rare that any lemon law settlement offer would include a new car which is what the law entitles you to.

In addition to paying your attorney fees, they will usually agree to cover the item that is under warranty for the life of the car, or they may agree to buy it back from you for blue book value or they might make an offer based on the number of miles you have accumulated. 

Remember that if they are not offering to cover your attorney fees on top of this, you are going to be very far behind after your expences are taken out. After delaying this for a couple of years and after you begin putting on more miles, they'll likely offer you a lot less than if they had settled with you in the beginning. 

If they offer you $10,000 for your car because that's the blue book value, and you have paid your attorney $3000, then what you end up with is $7000, they get the car, and you have to figure out how to buy an equal car for that amount of money. Talk about bull!

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